Addington Tracking Towards Record Year

With only 6 weeks of the racing season to go, Addington is on track towards paying out $8.4m in stakes and bonuses for the 2016/17 year, up 8.4% from the $7.75m paid out in 2015/16.

Of particular note has been the large increase in Met Multiplier bonuses paid out which is forecast to top $400,000, a mammoth 78% ahead of last season.

Outgoing Addington Chief Executive Dean McKenzie commented:

“These numbers are testament to the Clubs ability to maximise non racing revenue to underpin the large increases we have been able to sustain in stakes and bonuses over the last few years. In simple terms total Stakes and Bonuses have increased $2.1m or 34% here at Addington since 2012, a marvellous achievement for the Club”.

“With additional industry funds looking like they are beginning to flow for next season and beyond, after a sustained period of flat returns, things are certainly on the upward plane which is really encouraging”

Addington will look to announce its 2017/18 stakes and bonuses in the coming weeks prior to the new season kicking off on 1 August 2017.

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