Betting Guide

Website Image - Betting GuideHaving a bet at the races can be a scary proposition if you haven’t done it before!

There are lots of different kinds of bets you can place, but we thought we would keep it nice and simple and just give you some of the basics!

Types of Bets

Win A win bet means you will receive the win dividend if your chosen horse should bolt in. Otherwise referred to as ‘on the nose’.

Place – means you will receive the place dividend if your horse comes first, second or third.

Each way – otherwise known as ‘hedging your bet’. It is a combination of a win and place bet. If your horse wins, you walk away with both the win and place dividend, and if your horse comes second or third, you will collect the place dividend. A $1 each way bet will cost you $2.

Quinella – simply pick two horses to come first or second in any order and you will receive the quinella dividend. This will cost $1 (but you can pay more, thus doubling or even tripling the amount of the dividend you would receive should you win the quinella).

Box Quinella – pick more than two horses to increase your chances of winning. You will only need two of your horses to get 1st and 2nd in order to win the quinalla. This will cost upwards of $3 (for three horses, $6 for four, $10 for five…)

Trifecta – pick three horses in the exact order they will romp home in and you will receive this dividend. (FYI trifectas can pay into the thousands).

Box Trifecta – just pick three horses and if they win in any order you’re a winner! You can pay a bit more and pick more horses to increase your chances of winning ($6 for three horses, $24 for four, $60 for five…)

First Four – the First4 bet challenges you to pick the first four runners in the correct finishing order. This is similar to a Trifecta, but has an additional placing.

Treble – a Treble requires the selection of the winners of three separate races at one meeting as nominated by the TAB. Each race is referred to as a ‘leg’ of the Treble. Betting on Trebles close when the first leg starts.

Quaddie – if you’ve ever had a Win bet then you may be tempted into the Quaddie given it simply requires you to select four winners from the four nominated races. And the rewards, for a small outlay, can be big!

Easy Bet – Can’t decide? Just think of this as the dating agency of the racecourse – simply pay your money and let the computer choose! Easy Bets are available for win, quinella and trifecta bets. The most popular Easy Bet amounts are $4 and $8.

Want more?
There are plenty of other bet types you can place. Check out, or ask a friendly tote operator when you are next at Addington!