FastTrack Insurance


We are excited to have recently partnered with FastTrackinsurance, an insurance initiative specifically designed to raise Harness Racing Stakes.

We all buy insurances, and so we seek your support – as we do from all those involved in the industry and from those who just enjoy and love Harness Racing.

HRNZ are promoting FastTrackinsurance on the basis that “if we can match or better your current insurance arrangements please consider placing your insurances through FastTrack for the good of Harness Racing; most often FastTrack will offer better cover and reduced premiums, so you have nothing to lose by approaching them AND a percentage of what you pay going directly to Harness racing to help boost race stakes”.

Additional funds from FastTrack will go directly to increasing race stakes to the benefit of all stakeholders, and improve the health and stability of the Harness Racing industry we all love, in a time of need. Allocation of funds for stake increases will be coordinated by HRNZ and 100% of the funds generated will be given to the Club or Club’s you choose to support.

Your support through FastTrackinsurance for Harness Racing is essential for success!

We encourage you to please read the FastTrack brochure (see below) or view their online presentation and if you are in a position to do so, please get in touch with FastTrack now and request an obligation free quote!

If the time is not right for you currently to consider seeking an insurance quote, then please at least contact FastTrack and register your interest, and FastTrack will then make contact with you at a more convenient time of your choice.

Thank you for your support for Harness Racing – and increasing our race stakes.


Download FastTrack Insurance Brochure