Addington Cup Week Media Accreditation 2021

Applications are open for a limited time for those interested in applying for media accreditation for Addington Cup Week in 2021.

Please note the following:

  • Media Passes will be issued to WORKING MEDIA only
  • Media Passes cover both IRT New Zealand Trotting Cup Day (Tuesday 9 November) and the Show Day Races (Friday 12 November) at Addington Raceway
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee approval
  • Due to the current Covid-19 situation only online applications will be considered for accreditation
  • Accreditation will only be issued once details on who can attend Addington Cup Week have been confirmed in late October and maybe cancelled should the situation change

Thank you for your interest in being part of Addington Cup Week!

Addington Media Contact:
Darlene Loader –


Applications close at 5pm thursday 14 october

* indicates field must be completed.

Please supply a physical address as we can’t courier to a PO Box number

Radio Equipment

Any person or organisation wishing to use radio equipment with wireless frequencies during Addington Cup Week 2021 MUST tick yes here. Consider all radio equipment that you may require, such as radio microphones, comm’s, wireless camera links etc. You do not need to declare cell phones and Wi-Fi equipment. If you are unsure whether you require a radio frequency during Addington Cup Week 2021, please tick yes and we will contact you to ascertain your requirements. Anyone using incorrect frequencies or undeclared equipment during Addington Cup Week 2021 will have their equipment shut down in order to protect other users. This will be strictly enforced. Further details on radio equipment can be found in the terms and conditions of Addington Cup Week 2021 Media Accreditation.

If you indicate yes, you will be contacted and asked to provide specific details about the equipment you wish to use on the wireless frequency application form. This form needs to be completed and returned to The Soundpeople Ltd before Media Accreditation for Addington Cup Week 2021 will be issued.

Pass Holder Photograph

All Addington Cup Week Media Passes will feature a head shot of the pass holder, along with their name and company or organisation. The photograph supplied must show the pass holder's face and shoulders face on and be a minimum of 50mm x 50mm in size. Addington reserves the right to request another photo should the one you submit be deemed to be unacceptable.

Please ensure that the file name of the photograph you upload is named with the person who is in the photo. This is to ensure that we can match the correct photo with the correct media application.

Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Please state if you have any special requirements ie access to grounds before 11am, etc. Whilst all requests will be taken into consideration, they cannot be guaranteed.

Download 2021 Terms & Conditions of Media Accreditation