This is a compulsory course for all children in the 6-14 year old age group who wish to have access to stable complexes of New Zealand Harness Racing Clubs operating this programme for their race meetings.

No person under the age of 15 years will be permitted to access the stabling areas without having taken the course. On being granted a SAAC Pass, the holder must present it whenever entering the stable complexes and be under the supervision of an authorised adult. All course participants must provide a named passport style photo on receipt of their temporary pass (this will be printed on the official pass)

The course highlights the potential hazards and dangers of being in a stabling area on a racecourse. A ‘Temporary Pass’ will be issued on course completion and will be valid for up to one month or until a permanent one is issued.

Due to the high number who have already completed the course, courses are now scheduled on an as needed basis. If there is no course currently scheduled below and you have a child(ren) who need to complete the SAAC please contact Addington Raceway on and advise the number of participants.


Current dates available:

Check back later for upcoming SAAC dates.