stridemaster-logoStrideMASTER is a revolutionary tracking system developed to measure a horse’s performance on raceday through GPS and precision sensor data. Recorded continuously, StrideMASTER combines timing, positional data and physical performance measures for every horse on raceday. The data is summarised over 200 metre intervals.
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StrideMASTER Results Page
Standard results :
Traditional sectional measurements
Real-Time Race Day Display
Live racing data view showing metrics such position, speed, margin and sectional times for every horse in the race.
(available only during race meeting)
Interactive Graphs and Reports
More detailed, customized and filterable views. Provide insight into performance from different angles, combining data from more race meetings. Still developing with currently available views such Single race overview, Trainer/Breeder overview, Fastest sectionals, Speedgraph with more coming soon…
StrideMaster Standard Reports
Standard set of PDF and CSV race reports from every race meeting:
Sectional Data Summary
Bio-metric and Sectional Data
Full Detailed Reports
CSV report format